The power To Make A Difference

Jack and Jill of America, Inc. is a national organization of nearly 10,000 mothers endeavoring to provide opportunities for our nearly 20,000 children (ages 2-19) through leadership development, volunteer service, philanthropic giving, and civic duty.


Importantly, our mother members understand that we are to provide these opportunities not just for our children, but for all children. Our national theme focuses on the realization that we, collectively and individually, have the Power to Make a Difference! 

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The objectives of this nonprofit organization are:

  • To create a medium of contact for children that will stimulate growth and development

  • To provide for children a constructive educational, cultural, civic, recreational, and social program


The aims of the organization are:

  • To aid mothers in learning more about their children by careful study

  • To seek for all children the same advantages which we desire for our own

  • To support all National legislation aimed at bettering the conditions of all children

Since our beginning…

The Stone Mountain Chapter of Jack and Jill of America, Inc. was installed on September 20, 1986, after more than a year of hard work as an official interest group of the organization earning provisional chapter status on July 23, 1986, and receiving a unanimous vote at the National Convention held in Norfolk, VA that year, making it the third chapter installed in the metropolitan Atlanta area. 

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In June 2004, former Regional Director and Stone Mountain Chapter president, Ruth Wilson, as Southeastern Regional Associates Chair, performed the Induction Ceremony for the Stone Mountain Associates Chapter and the Installation of the Associate Officers.

Our chapter boasts a former Southeastern Regional Director, Ruth Wilson, from 1997-1999. Ruth Wilson also served as the Southeastern Regional Associates Chair. Our mother members have been recognized on the regional and national levels: Dee Taylor, Regional Mother of the Year, Ellen Finch, Regional Mother of the Year (1997), Dee Taylor, Outstanding Associate of the Year, and Ruth Wilson as an Outstanding Associate of the Year (2006). We have had a number of regional teen officers, including a Regional Teen President, Stephen Allwood (1992), Regional Teen Vice President, Tamaria Perry (1996), Regional Teen Secretary Julie Saunders (1988) and Desmond Dennis (2006), Regional Teen Treasurer, Brandon Taylor (1997 and 1998), Jacob Jordan (2014), and Regional Teen Chaplain, Marcitta Barrington (2002) and Justice Williams (2012). Our chapter hosted the 36th Annual Southeastern Regional Teen Conference in 1992 and co-hosted the 55th Annual Southeastern Regional Teen Conference in 2011 with the East Suburban Atlanta Chapter.

Our chapter was chartered on September 20, 1986. Since that time, we have grown to a chapter of over 60 mothers and nearly 100 children.
— Adria Welcher, President

What We've Achieved

The Stone Mountain Chapter has received awards from all levels of the organization.  We received grants from the Jack and Jill of America Foundation in 1992, 1997, and 2002. In 2004, we received the National Outstanding Chapter Programming Award for the 2003-2004 Program Year. At the 2006 National Convention, we were awarded: Outstanding Overall Programming, Outstanding Cultural Programming for our Black History Program, and Best Legislative Practices. In 2010, we were awarded the National Leadership Grant Award.  At the 2014 National Convention, the Stone Mountain Chapter was recognized with a Certificate of Excellence in Legislative Programming and was awarded 1 Star for our Chapter Programming. At the 2017 On the Hill, the Stone Mountain Chapter was awarded Second Place in the nation for our Legislative Programming. Our chapter received the Southeastern Region’s Above and Beyond Programming Award during the 2005-2006 program year.  At the Southeastern Regional Teen Conferences, the Stone Mountain Chapter has won FIRST PLACE in Chapter Scrapbook in 1994, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016; Second Place in 2005 and Third Place in 2017 in the Regional Teen Conference Step Show Competition; and Third Place for Attendance in 2015. We also have a number of individual awards received by our teens and mothers over the last 30 years!